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-        Before choosing the acupuncturists you visit -


We would like you to be informed about some conditions for successful clinical observations for you and the acupuncturists you visit.


Please read below and mark at the end of this page if you agree.


Notes regarding applications by foreigners for a permission for clinical observation:

·        All activities are performed under the responsibility of the involved parties only.

·        Observe and honor Japanese culture, tradition and customs.

·        Certain unforeseeable circumstance can make planned clinical observation occasionally impossible.

·        Please enter the required information into the specified application file.

·        The subject line of mails should be [observation for study].

·        Disclosing your personal history may facilitate the possibilities of acceptance for clinical observation.


Precautions regarding the clinical observation:

·        Observe and honor Japanese culture, tradition and customs.

·        Strictly observe all agreed upon schedules.

·        Wear clean clothes and bring a white robe.

·        Follow instructions given on site.

·        Taking patients into consideration, observe quietly.

·        If you wish to take pictures, ask for the permission to do so (this includes the consent of the patient)


Suggestions for after completed observations:

·        People will appreciate it, if you send a letter of gratitude; even a postcard is fine, after your observation.

·        The JSAM would appreciate, if you do have the opportunity to write down your impressions or have any pictures to share. This information may serve as reference for the future and possibly be published on the society's website.




If you read above and agree





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