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Japan-Korea Workshop on Acupuncture and EBM( 4th Japan-Korea Workshop 2012 Seoul, Korea )

The 4th Korea-Japan Collaborative Workshop on Acupuncture Medicine: Acupuncture Medicine and Evidence-based Medicine - Clinical Practice Guideline for Acupuncture
(held as a workshop of ICOM2012)
16 September 2012
COEX, Seoul, Korea

[Group Photo of Speakers and Chairpersons]

Acupunctural Clinical Guideline for Neck Pain
Hong Kwon Eui
Abstract not available

Present Status of Clinical Practice Guidelines including Acupuncture Therapy and Development of Acupuncture Clinical Practice Guideline in Japan
Hitoshi Yamashita

Acupunctural Clinical Guideline for Knee Pain
Kim Eun Jung
Abstract not available

Tentative Development of Evidence-Based Clinical Practice Guideline of Acupuncture Technique for Chronic Low Back Pain in Japan
Takashi Otsuki

Acupunctural Clinical Guideline for Low back Pain
Nam Dong Woo
Abstract not available

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