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JSAM International Symposium of Evidence-based Acupuncture( 3rd Symposium in 2012 (Yokkaichi))

The 3rd JSAM International Symposium on Evidence-based Acupuncture
Date:7-8 June, 2012 
Venue:Yokkaichi, Municipal Culture Hall, Mie, Japan
President: Shuji Goto

Pre-symposium Lecture “Acupuncture techniques in Japan”
Michiyo Kitagawa
Characteristics of Japanese acupuncture business category
Abstract not available

Naoto Ishizaki 
Characterisitics of acupuncture patients in Japan
Abstract not available

Shuichi Katai
Present status and practice of Meridian acupuncture therapy
Abstract not available

Shin Suzuki
History and practice of Shoni-Shin (pediatric acupuncture)
Abstract not available

Tomomi Sakai
Acupuncture practice based on the knowledge of modern medicine
Abstract not available

Stephen Birch
Overview of Japanese acupuncture in Europe

Session 1: Diagnosis and Treatment of Headache, and Review of Acupuncture Treatment
Fumihiko Sakai

Primary headaches; Update of classification

Hisaka Igarashi 
Survey of primary headaches at a headache clinic in Japan -What kind of patients visit a headache clinic and what can a headache specialist do for them?-

Mari Suzuki
Effect of acupuncture for chronic headache in university hospital

Byung-Cheul Shin
Acupuncture Treatment for Headache in Korea: Clinical Practice and Trials

Session 2: Clinical Trials and A Case Series of Acupuncture for Headache
Benno Brinkhaus 

Acupuncture in patients with migraine and tension type headache – the results of the ARC Trial, the two ART Trials and the overall evidence
Abstract not available

Myeong-Soo Lee
Acupuncture for headache and migraine: an overview of systematic reviews

Tomokazu Kikuchi
Basic research on acupuncture for primary headache

Session 3: Problems regarding Clinical Trials on Acupuncture
Shoko Masuyama 

A brief review on clinical trials of acupuncture in Japan

Benno Brinkaus
Research Methodology in clinical trial on Acupuncture– the choice of the trial design and the control group following the primary research question
Abstract not available

Yasuhisa Kaneko
The effect of thumbtack needle stimulation in sports field

Kenji Kawakita
On the mechanisms of physiological activities produced by various sham interventions used in recent clinical trials of acupuncture

Stephen Birch
Sham acupuncture is not a placebo treatment– implications and problems in research


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